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Application number: IT102017000051977

The Netflix block has been designed to solve a wide range of issues related to the division and articulation of interior spaces for residential purposes (temporary housing, highly flexible dwellings, rented houses, ...) and commercial (store, event areas, commercial centers, ...).
Its lightness, ease of handling and ease of assembly ensure rapid installation and flexibility of use for living and furniture spaces.
The guiding philosophy of the block is to ensure a high degree of flexibility in everyday living spaces, guaranteeing acoustic, structural (self-porting and fixing of furniture, wall hangings, etc.) and techniques properties (possibility to host installations) comparable to a traditional masonry, for the walls and elements of division resulting from it.
The Netflix system provides several important benefits:
Easy assembly and dismantling of partition walls in self-construction and without the support of any kind of construction equipment, with height varying from the floor
Possibility of individual blocks to be anchored to each other by means of specific mechanical hooks that solidify the wall making it uniform and self-supporting
Possibility of the block and the wall to accommodate the plants thanks to the provision of special cavities and trenches
Possibility of disassembling and re-assembling the same walls at a later stage for obtaining distinct spatial and environmental solutions
Possibility of quick assembly and removal of the finishing surfaces of the blocks and walls.
Possibility of inserting doors and windows into the walls thus obtained
Possibility of interchangeability of the finishes or their partial replacement to obtain different decorative effects within a few minutes
Possibility to use the Netflix Block for basic furniture solutions such as kitchen environments, for the construction of recessed furniture and work surfaces or furniture solutions such as open bookcases, cupboards, ....
These features make the product highly appealing to the interior design market, for designing versatile living spaces where it is easy and quick to re-divide spaces and, above all, for commercial, cultural and creative spaces in which requires strong creativity, transformability and high versatility of space in time.

Modular lock, self-construction, quick assembly and disassembly, spatial configuration change, automatic structural coupling, interchange of finishes, planting and  furnishing equipment, lightweight.

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