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Centres and Laboratories

Centri e Laboratori

For its research activities, the Politecnico di Bari has a number of centres and laboratories where research projects are carried out in the various research areas, even through the co-operation with scientists and experts, thus favouring the interaction both with other Italian and foreign universities and research centers and with private companies.

Center of Excellence in Computational Mechanics Print Email

Decades of expertise in the field of computer-numerical methods to support the design fluid dynamics, mechanical-functional, constructive, that is kinematic-dynamic and static strength and fatigue, which are applied to the field of turbo-machinery, and automotive components, aerospace and general engineering allow:

     integration / competition / synergy comparable with the best centers in the field;
     transfer of technologies developed to support the local industry;
     training activities aimed at achieving full achievement of the above objectives, and in synergy with lealtre training activities of the Polytechnic of Bari, both in terms of degree, that of Doctor of Philosophy (DR).

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Laboratory research and experimentation for the coastal defense Print Email

The LIC , one in Italy and one of the few in Europe , occupies an area of about 12500 square meters , has a large tub of the width of 50 m with two levels of depth to the one of 1.2 m , the length of 90 m , and the other of 3.0 m , for the length of 30 m, respectively, for the study of the models of those coastal and off-shore .

The modular battionde is capable of generating , topicality, a wavefront of about 30 m . The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for the relief and the acquisition of the main physical modeling of coastal (such as wave detectors , the water depth , velocity , pressure , sediment transport , etc. . ) . The execution of studies on physical models of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works to protect the beaches and ports, allow you to perform basic research and verify and optimize the design of the proposed measures on the ground . Keep in mind that in many cases the legislation of Public Works Italian law provides for checks on the physical model , but it has been shown that it is essential in many operations . In the Laboratory was created a channel for the study of diffusion of jets in density. And ' in the process of setting up a system that will allow for experimental research or testing of pumps and turbines.
The laboratory is also equipped with an artesian well through which the tanks are filled to the study of the models, the tank for watering the garden surrounding the pool and the sprinkler system. Completing the Laboratory an office building , a computer center and workshop support .

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Laboratory Network TISMA - Innovative Techniques for Welding of Advanced Materials Print Email

The laboratory of innovative techniques for the welding of advanced materials (TISMA) refers to the field of strategic materials and innovative technologies for production systems, under the "Network of Laboratories" sponsored by the Regione Puglia on the Accordo di Programma Quadro per la Ricerca (Delibera CIPE 35/2005  FAS 2005-2008). The TISMA project has code 21, approved by D.G.R. n°92 31/01/2008 from Regione Puglia and funded by PO Puglia FESR 2007-2013, Asse I, Linea 1.2, and from PO Puglia FSE 2007-2013 Asse IV. 

The Network of Laboratories TISMA carries out research activities using some of the current leading technologies in the field of welding (laser, electric arc welding, friction stir welding and capacitor discharge welding) and studies the possible synergies which can be obtained from their simultaneous use applied to welding of low weldability metals and heterogeneous joints, that is formed by two or more materials and finalized to special applications. The technologic target of the TISMA network is the study of new welding techniques and their application to new high-performance materials, using procedures and control technologies and advanced testing to characterize the quality of the welded joints.


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