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The research activities, both basic and applied, are organized in the Departments and Research Centres of the University.
Particular attention is devoted to basic research, which is essential not only for the evolution of scientific thought but also for the ability, over time, to affect deeply the reality. With the applied research devoted to the study of topics in greater operational value or more direct interest to organizations and businesses, instead pursues the objective of updating and give scientific content management activities of companies and institutions.

  • Departments   (6 items )


    The Department is a structure that coordinates, implements and develops, even across multiple locations and in collaboration with other agencies, scientific research, teaching and training activities as well as those directed outwards.
    The Department promotes and coordinates research activities, ensuring that all related resource utilization, without prejudice to the autonomy of individual teachers and their right of direct access to funding for research.
    The Department of care, even in competition with other departments of the organization and the conduct of education and training activities. Also ensures the tutorial, scientific and logistical support to individual teachers and doctoral degree programs and research, as part of its activities, with the coordination, respectively, of the Schools and the Graduate School, where formed.

  • Centri e Laboratori

    For its research activities, the Politecnico di Bari has a number of centres and laboratories where research projects are carried out in the various research areas, even through the co-operation with scientists and experts, thus favouring the interaction both with other Italian and foreign universities and research centers and with private companies.

  • Ongoing Projects   (25 items )
  • Ph.D.   (5 items )
    The formation of the PhD, including any periods of study abroad and internships and training at public and private, is aimed at the acquisition of skills needed to carry out high quality research activities.
  • Assegni di Ricerca

    In this section are available all information relating to the research activities of the Polytechnic of Bari

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