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Avviso di selezione personale docente per tutor coordinatori TFA Print Email

Avviso di selezione per l'individuazione di n. 2 unità di personale docente in servizio nelle istituzioni scolastiche secondarie di I grado, da utilizzare in regime di tempo parziale per lo svolgimento dei compiti di tutor coordinatori nei corsi di Tirocinio Formativo Attivo (D.R. 106 del 06.03.2015) - SCADENZA PRESENTAZIONE DOMANDA DI AMMISSIONE: 16.03.2015


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- Are you a foreign student and you don’t know how to become a "Politecnico di Bari" student ?

You’re on the right website!

First of all, You have to register to the T.A.I. Standard (the Admission Test for our first degree courses); pay attention: You have to pass it to study here!  You need to register to the Esse3 platform ( and apply for the Admission test (TAI – Test di Ammissione ad Ingegneria)Then, You have to pass an Italian language test, on September.

 You need to contact the Italian Embassy in Your country to fill some papers for Your previous studies.

 If You need some more information, You can write to

- Admission to the three-year Degree Courses in Engineering 2014/15

- Admission to the Master of Science in Industrial Design

- Admission to the course of Syst. logistics for agribusiness


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