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Description of orientation activities

Orientation, carried out by the front office of Centro Orientamento located at the University Campus, consists of three major areas:

- Incoming Orientation

- Ongoing Orientation

- Outgoing Orientation (Placement)

Incoming Orientation

Incoming Orientation includes Information and Training.

Information includes meetings, both at the Politecnico and in schools, with students of the final two classes of high schools, to illustrate the programmes offered at the Politecnico di Bari, as well as career opportunities.

Such meetings inform students about access modalities to the various degree courses, programmes and attendance requirements to lectures and workshops. At the end of the meetings, professors reply to questions, curiosities and doubts of the students. Afterwards students visit the laboratories, where technical staff and/or researchers show them the aims of the workshops.

Training is focused on vocational students attending the final classes of high schools and offers special courses, in particular mathematics workshops and seminars held by professors of the Politecnico. Special programmes are also organised for selected high school students who will carry out short research activities supervised by our technical staff and researchers.

Ongoing Orientation

In this phase, Orientation focuses on enrolled students, who are followed throughout their academic path by offering them councelling and information about our services. To support students who need help during their studies, some graduating students assist them as tutors (peer tutorage).

Outgoing Orientation (Placement)

Outgoing Orientation focuses on graduating and/or graduate students, who will be offered advice about job opportunities and recruitment. Therefore, the Politecnico acts as an intermediary between job search and offer. In order to optimise this placement activities, the Politecnico organises Career Days, Recruiting Days and Job Meetings where companies introduce themselves and their open positions so that most talented students can have access to the labour market.

Thanks to the FIxO S&U Project, seminars on orientation and recruitment will be held.


Right to Education Office - Head of the Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Higher Education and Research (Alta Formazione & Ricerca - AF&R) Apprenticeship is a specific form of contract for young people aged 18 (or 17) to 29 years that allows them to combine work and study or work and research. This particular course of study and training is ruled by Article 5 of the Italian Consolidated Law on Apprenticeship (Legislative Decree no. 167 of 14 September 2011) and allows the candidate, therefore, to be hired by a company with a contract and at the same time to follow a research project (research apprenticeship) or achieve a qualification (higher education apprenticeship):

    - Degree courses
    - Ph.D.
    - Postgraduate courses
Besides offering numerous advantages to companies, AF&R apprenticeship gives young people a unique opportunity to enter the labour market with a regular employment contract. Moreover, it allows them to acquire professional skills consistent with their studies and corresponding to the real needs of the market. Through the on-the-job training, in fact, the professional skills necessary for a specific profession or business role can be developed, thus allowing to achieve a second or third level degree or a professional qualification required by a contract.

The Politecnico di Bari promotes this opportunity so that the Academic Senate on June 27, 2013 resolved to approve the Convention ruling the contract of higher education and research apprenticeship and the individual training plan.

icon Convenzione di apprendistato (49.5 kB)

icon Piano formativo individuale per apprendistato (44 kB)

The Pollitecnico is then interested to reach special agreements and training plans with companies so that students  -attending undergraduate, postgraduate or Ph.D. programmes - can enter into an apprenticeship contract with them and can simultaneously follow both academic studies and on-the-job training.

For information on apprenticeship contracts, please contact the Placement Office of the Politecnico di Bari or contact Ms. Lucretia Petolicchio (tel. +39.080.5962136 - fax +39.080.5962575 - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Central Administration, Via Amendola n. 126/B, 70126 Bari, second floor)



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- Are you a foreign student and you don’t know how to become a "Politecnico di Bari" student ?

You’re on the right website!

First of all, You have to register to the T.A.I. Standard (the Admission Test for our first degree courses); pay attention: You have to pass it to study here!  You need to register to the Esse3 platform (https://poliba.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do) and apply for the Admission test (TAI – Test di Ammissione ad Ingegneria)Then, You have to pass an Italian language test, on September.

 You need to contact the Italian Embassy in Your country to fill some papers for Your previous studies.

 If You need some more information, You can write to testammissione@poliba.it

- Admission to the three-year Degree Courses in Engineering 2014/15

- Admission to the Master of Science in Industrial Design

- Admission to the course of Syst. logistics for agribusiness


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